“Im fine”


We cannot carry on like this.

We are no longer living.

We are just surviving, struggling to keep our head above the water

We need help, yet whenever someone asks how we are feeling we respond, “Im fine”.

We are now living in a world where someone takes their life every 40 seconds.  Thats 2,160 people killing themselves every single day.

We need to start asking questions, looking after the ones we love and supporting them even when they do tell us that they are fine.

We know deep down that they aren’t. They are slowly dying inside and they need us now more than ever. Even if it is just a text a day telling them that they are loved, or going and sitting with them for an hour.

We need to stop taking our mental health for granted,  because you will never truly understand how alone you can feel until you are in that position yourself.

We will get through this together because;

You are strong.

You are loved.

You have a purpose.

I believe in you, keep going xxx



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