Next year

Next year I am saying goodbye to you for good, not physically as I did that a long time ago, but mentally. From the moment I met you I was warned by many that you weren’t good news, but I fell for you so hard that you were all I cared about.

I will say goodbye to the hours of sleep I lost over you, the thousands of tears I cried and hopefully find myself again.  The person I was before you took over my life and corrupted me.

Deep down I knew you were never good for me.  You made me feel like a burden, like I wasn’t worthy of any attention or love.  But I still loved you, because I thought you loved me.  I thought that as long as we were together then everything would be fine.  But I wasn’t.

Next year, I will stop missing you because it should be you who is missing me and I know one day you will.  But by then it will be to late.  I have finally realised my worth.

I will say hello to me being the priority. I will welcome a new beginning, a new me, with open arms.

Next year is my year, I will become the best person I can be and I will be happy.

So thank you, I guess, for all of the heart break, pain and sleepless nights because without all of that suffering I wouldn’t be as strong as I am today.

Im ready to take on the world.


heart pink


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