A heart of stone

Love, everyone wants to be loved.  I know when I was younger it was all i dreamed about and I was so jealous of people who had found ‘the one’.  But sadly as I have grown up, love is what has destroyed me.  Once upon a time I was an open hearted, bubbly, very naive individual who had so much love to give.  Now I am cold, sad and a lot wiser than that stupid young girl.

I feel like he came into my life; told me everything I wanted to hear, manipulated me, drained me of all my love and then left.  He left me empty and feeling the most vulnerable I had ever felt, but of course he knew this, yet he still didn’t care.  I guess he just thought it was a bit of fun and I was an easy target.  One day he will realise what he lost, well I hope he does, and there is way of turning back time.

As hard as this has hit me, it has made me realise that I need to focus on myself.  I will be the only person on this planet who truly has my back, no matter what.  I need to learn to love myself, be selfish and to say no without feeing bad.

People may perceive me to have a heart of stone but if they are patient and slowly break down the stone wall covering my heart, then they will see the true me.  The me that would do anything for the person I love. heatrt