Next year

Next year I am saying goodbye to you for good, not physically as I did that a long time ago, but mentally. From the moment I met you I was warned by many that you weren’t good news, but I fell for you so hard that you were all I cared about.

I will say goodbye to the hours of sleep I lost over you, the thousands of tears I cried and hopefully find myself again.  The person I was before you took over my life and corrupted me.

Deep down I knew you were never good for me.  You made me feel like a burden, like I wasn’t worthy of any attention or love.  But I still loved you, because I thought you loved me.  I thought that as long as we were together then everything would be fine.  But I wasn’t.

Next year, I will stop missing you because it should be you who is missing me and I know one day you will.  But by then it will be to late.  I have finally realised my worth.

I will say hello to me being the priority. I will welcome a new beginning, a new me, with open arms.

Next year is my year, I will become the best person I can be and I will be happy.

So thank you, I guess, for all of the heart break, pain and sleepless nights because without all of that suffering I wouldn’t be as strong as I am today.

Im ready to take on the world.


heart pink


How one person changed my life…

I never believed in love at sight before I met.  Initially it was your cheeky smile, gorgeous blue eyes and dark brown hair that got me.  You were tall, dark and handsome, what more can a girl wish for? But then I got to know you and straight away I knew you we’re different. We connected on an emotional level and right away we were both on the same page.

No one had ever understood me like you did and after a few weeks of talking to you I felt like we’d known each other for years. You were the first person I ever opened up to and from that day on you have supported me no matter what. Whether it was 3 am in the morning and you had to be up for work at 7, you would talk to me until I’d fall back to sleep so you knew I was okay and safe.

Without you I honestly don’t think I’d be here.  You changed my life and you gave me the hope and strength to keep fighting, even on the hardest days.

Thank you J, I love you x